The cultivator helps in secondary tillage operations used for preparing seedbed and also for interculture operations. It pulverizes the soil and makes it conductive for sowing. There are two types of cultivators available in the implement range.

Rigid tyne cultivator



  • A strong and robust tool designed to break up hard and mixing of crop residue.
  • Heavy duty tynes for deeper penetration.
  • Use of quality alloy steel components for longer life.
  • More useful for paddy cultivation in areas that require shallow  ploughing on hard, clay cracked up soil.


Specifications:                                                               Model

Parameter                                       RIG 3209                                RTG321

Overall length (mm)                          2000                                      2451

0verallwidth (mm)                             850                                        850

0verall height (mm)                           1010                                      1010

Under frame clearance (mm)            431                                        431

Total weight (kg)                                  250                                        300



Spring loaded Cultivator



  • Spring loaded tynes ride over obstruction and eliminate slippage of tractor.
  • Simplicity and quick adjustability saves time and enhances accuracy.
  • Suitable to operate under varying conditions.
  • Use of quality alloy steel components for longer life.


Specifications:                                                     Model

Parameter                                              HST 2509                      HST 2511

0verall length (mm)                                 2000                             2451

0verallwidth (mm)                                   870                               870

0verall height (mm)                                 1030                             1030

Under frame clearance (mm)             552                               552

Fore & aft Clearance (mm)                        357                               357

Total weight (kg)                                    270                               324





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