Mahindra Tractor Shaan Sprayer Boom Attachment

The Shaan Sprayer Boom developed by Commonwealth Tractors (INDIA).


·         Saves time by effectively spraying pesticides or weedicides on large fields in short span of time.

·         A 1000 lt. non-corrosive fibre tank.

·         Adjustable boom for crops with different heights.

·         Output nozzle for hand-held spray gun provided for manual spraying.

·         Can be used to spray approx. 7 acres of land in full tank at one time.

·         Heavy duty pump and boom.


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Mahindra Tractor Shaan Sprayer Boom Attachment Mahindra Tractor Shaan Sprayer Boom attachment is developed by Commonwealth Tractors (INDIA) for spraying Weedicides, Pesticides etc. on Crops.